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Technical Information

Safe Loading Mechanism

The clinical waste is loaded into the MetaMizer via standard 240L wheelie bins. The bin is imptied into the inlet chamber by an automated system incorporating an ergonomically safe materials handling device.

Watch the process here!

Unique Hybrid Autoclave Mechanism

The MetaMizer 240SSS combines an efficient cutting device positioned inside a mechanical autoclave,  which together continuously shreds and sterilises clinical and sharps waste material. Steam generated by an onboard boiler system is the sterilising agent. The temperature within the pressure chamber exceeds 135°C for the required 4 minute sterilisation period.

Efficient Waste Management Process

The waste is circulated around the vessel and then through the shredder multiple times throughout the sterilising procedure. This ensures fast and complete sterilisation of the waste, producing maximum volume reduction possible. 

The date, temperature, pressure, location are logged throughout the process and stored on a SD card for easy access. The data is also remotely accessible.

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