Environmental Benefits

  •  The entire process happens on-site

  • A complete cycle in 15-20 minutes, dependent on the bin content

  •  The output volume is up to 90% less than the input volume

  • There is up to 30% weight reduction depending on the fluid content of the waste

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Emissions, Output and Resource Use

The MetaMizer 240SSS is a single step automated processor that can sterilise and granulate 96 regular 240 litre bins of biohazardous waste daily.

  • Only 5-10 litres of water per cycle

  • No CO2 emissions on site

  • The output product is inert, unrecognizable and granular

  • Can be disposed of in regular licensed landfill

Having this secure and sterile waste management system on site streamlines your medical waste processes, giving you both operational and financial benefits. Knowing that your medical wastes are transformed into inert, non-infectious matter at up to 90% reduction in volume is a tangible way to contribute to environmentally responsible waste management.

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