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Introducing the MetaMizer 240SSS:


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Why You Should Choose MetaMizer?

Why You Should Choose MetaMizer?

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The Hybrid Waste Revolution

Biohazardous Hospital or Medical waste is loaded into the hybrid autoclave, where it is taken through multiple cycles of shredding and steam treated at 137°C for effective Sterilisation. The efficient cutting device within our mechanical autoclave ensures the output is not only fully Sterilised, but is also unrecognisable when the cycle has completed and deposited into a regular 240L bin. The MetaMizer is small enough to be installed On-site so Infectious waste does not have to be transported.
All this, in under 15 minutes without the use of any Chemicals  or Dangerous Microwave Radiation resulting in Environmentally Friendly and Safe to Handle Waste that is ready for removal to Landfill.

A Medical Waste Revolution

• The entire process happens on-site.
• A single-step automated process.
A complete cycle in 10-15 minutes, dependent on
      the bin content.

• The output volume is up to 90% less than the
      input volume.
• There is up to 30% weight reduction depending
      on the fluid content of the waste.
• Only 2.5 litres of water per cycle.
• No CO2 emissions on site.
• No Dangerous Microwave Radiation.
• The output product is inert, unrecognizable and
• Can be disposed of in a regularly licensed landfill.
• No specialist staff are required.

• One or multiple units can be monitored via the

• Exporting to a wide range of markets World Wide.

How does the MetaMizer work?

How does the MetaMizer work?

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