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Introducing Innovation

Here at DJ Batchen, we're proud of our tradition of excellence and innovation. The MetaMizer is still a relatively new product for us, but this has not hindered our desire to improve and innovate. Over the past year we have been getting under the hood of the MetaMizer and overhauling the brains of the machine -- its software package -- to make it even more efficient and effective.

Under the MetaMizer hood

Reducing startup time, introducing multiple sterilisation modes, revising boiler control strategies, reducing the cycle time, improvements to energy efficiency... these are just some of the changes we've introduced. Over the coming weeks, look here to find out how and why we made these changes.

MetaMizer chamber temperature monitoring
Some of our new software changes

DJ Batchen's fifty year history of excellence and innovation continues with the MetaMizer 240SSS. Find out how, right here.

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